Our story

Pentro is a Ukrainian streetwear brand.

It is created for those tired of routine, patterned clothes, and monotony. Our clothes are for those who strive to stand out and consistently be recognized.

That is why we create unique clothes with designer prints that will not leave you without the attention of those around you. The number of units is limited, which means that ONLY you have a specific product.


We have gathered people who love their work, sparking with new ideas and getting inspired every minute. Our team carries a meaningful mission and adheres unique brand philosophy.

We grow and develop together, get scrapes, and still go further. Grow, design, and create with us! 

It will tell more about us than we can say...


Each garment is carefully crafted in the heart of Europe while all the materials we use are top of the line and are sourced ethically. Meticulus standards and constant advancement in designs, materials and manufacturing are the reasons why Pentro is a brand like no other.